World Series Game 7: Joyce DiDonato will sing national anthem after viral … – The Oregonian

Well, it worked. A social media campaign based on the hashtag #letjoycesing went viral, and Grammy winner Joyce DiDonato will sing the national anthem tonight at Game 7 of the World Series, in her hometown of Kansas City. The campaign for the renowned opera singer and baseball fan created a petition that received over 3,000 signatures, as well as coverage in New York Times sports sectionThe Wall Street JournalPhiladelphia MagazineKansas City Star, and UK Independent, among others.

The push for DiDonato, 45, gathered momentum when she became the top vote-getter in a poll on The Kansas City Star’s website. Trisha Yearwood sang the national anthem in the Series opener, followed by the “American Idol” winner Phillip Phillips.

DiDonato was first asked if she could sing at Tuesday’s Game 6, but she told the New York Times she was committed to teaching a master class for four middle-school students in New York on Tuesday. “I thought about it for two seconds,” DiDonato said Tuesday, “but I just couldn’t do that to the students. If I was 13 like them and the class got canceled, I would cry for a month.”