Tribute to Clovis from the California Air National Guard

A big day at the Fresno Air National Guard Base, as airmen paid tribute to a valley city for its community support.

Rain or shine, California Air National Guard pilots at Fresno’s base are at work supporting our country and providing homeland defense.

Tuesday, the community got a chance to see them in action as civilians and military came together for a special event, the Cities of Honor program.

Col. Clay Garrison, 144th Fighter Wing commander, said, “Today is our opportunity to thank you for giving us these airmen and for supporting us. Clovis has a long history with this wing.”

The event paid tribute to the city of Clovis, for its outreach, deep patriotic roots and providing a community for its service members.

“On behalf of everyone that calls Clovis home, you do add a tremendous value,” said Clovis Mayor Lynne Ashbeck. “We are really proud Americans, proud to live in Clovis and really incredibly proud to be honored today on the nose of this jet.”

With an official dedication, the city’s crest was unveiled on the F-15 Eagle. That plane will fly high over the state and serve wherever it is needed. Some of the airmen who live in Clovis or grew up there expressed a sense of pride.

“I’ve lived in Clovis since the 80’s,” said David Agao. “So I’ve been out there a little while and I’ve grown to love the city and its one of the big reasons I stay here.”

About 150 airmen on base have close ties to Clovis. As the community got a behind the scenes look at the 144th Fighter Wing, residents said it gave them a greater appreciation for the work the airmen do for our community and country.

This is the 6th Valley city to be honored by the Air National Guard’s 144th Fighter Wing. Officials say they plan to highlight their patriotic partnership with other communities in the future.