Tom Brady sheds his UGGs in fantasy sports ad

Tom Brady may be Superman in the eyes of Patriots fans, but in a new commercial the star quarterback’s alter-ego is not a superhero but rather a telemarketer named Gary.

Donning a shaggy brown wig and short-sleeved button-down — with pencil and pen tucked into the breast pocket — Brady trades his place in the huddle for a cubicle in a call center. Between cheesy lines and a drab appearance, Brady hardly resembles the smooth, stylish celebrity he is in real life.

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The ad, debuting online Wednesday, is for DailyMVP fantasy sports, an online gaming service that lets users create imaginary teams with their favorite players and compete against others for cash or bragging rights.

Goofy and self-deprecating, Brady sheds the fashionable image of his UGG footwear ads and the intensity of his Under Armour commercials. One might even say he channels his greatest rival — Peyton Manning, a ham in ads for Buick, MasterCard, and Nationwide insurance, among others.

“Telemarketing’s a cool job,” a grinning Brady says at the top of the spot, “but sometimes I wish it was even more exciting. Luckily there’s DailyMVP, the super-awesome way to play fantasy sports every day. Just build your team, challenge your buddies, and boom shakalaka.”

As he speaks, Brady demonstrates how the DailyMVP mobile app makes picking players easy.

Even in this alternate universe, his favorite receiver is Julian Edelman.

Meanwhile, in the background, a female coworker cruises a celebrity website that displays a photo of Brady clad in a tuxedo.

Brady’s explanation of the DailyMVP service is cut short when a pudgy, frowning colleague approaches.

“You beat me again, Gary,” the male coworker laments.

Brady swivels in his chair to face the camera and delivers the punch line: “Now, even a telemarketer like me can feel like an MVP.”

The joke, of course, is that Brady actually is an MVP, having won the NFL’s top individual award twice in his career.

Daily sports fantasy sites have exploded in popularity in recent months and gained legitimacy as professional athletes and teams have embraced them. The Patriots became the first NFL franchise to strike a deal with a daily fantasy site in October, when they chose to work with Boston-based DraftKings Inc.

Fantasy sports sites allow users to play the role of general manager, creating imaginary rosters of actual players. Points are awarded for on-field accomplishments such as yards gained and touchdowns scored.

Traditional fantasy sites require users to play with the same team for an entire season. Daily fantasy sites allow users to pick new teams constantly, and to put down money on their fantasy football skills in the hopes of winning cash prizes awarded by the sites.

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