Ohio Politics Now: Who will be the next Ohio Democratic Party chairman?

It wasn’t a good night for Ohio Democrats, who lost in all of the statewide elections (the
second straight statewide election in which no D won an executive office.)

But it was a really bad night for
Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern who lost his Ohio House seat
Dispatch reporter Jim Siegel writes.

Redfern, who told the

Cindi Andrews
last week that
he would take a few days off after the election to think about his position with the

, was adamant about finishing out his term early in the night while blaming the media for the
Democrats’ losses.

“We ought to be ashamed at how this election has played out,” Redfern said. “Candidates come
and go but the facts remain. We are very proud of our turnout, the fact of the matter is this is
the best infrastructure in the country, this is the strongest state party in the country.”

But hours later, reports started circulating that Redfern planned to step down as party

Port Clinton News-Herald’s Craig Shoup reported that Redfern planned

to “take a step back from politics,” and resign his seat in a few weeks.

(It also appears that he disabled his Twitter account @ODPchairman.)

So who will be the next party chairman? Northeast Ohio Media Group’s
Henry Gomez
offers up one possibility,
“Denny Wojtanowski, a party operative and former state lawmaker who has been in the mix for
months as a potential Redfern replacement.”

Chrissie Thompson from the
Cincinnati Enquirer throws out a few other names,
including David Pepper, who lost the attorney general’s race yesterday.


Governor’s win:
You might have heard the Gov. John Kasich
won re-election last night. The Associated Press declared Kasich the winner over Democratic
challenger Ed FitzGerald just two minutes after the polls closed.

Dispatch Public Affairs editor Darrel Rowland reports that Kasich told an excited crowd, “
We’re having magic in Ohio.”

“This is not just another election, this is not just another political campaign, this is a
movement.” Kasich said after coming out on stage, pumping his fists to AC/DC’s “

Meanwhile, FitzGerald conceded the race, saying “This campaign from the very beginning was
waged against the odds, against great concentrations of wealth and power.”

FitzGerald did win two counties of the 88 last night. See which ones


Statewide Republicans: In other election news,
Republicans retained the rest of the statewide offices
, including the other four executive offices and two Supreme Court seats,
Dispatch reporter

Alan Johnson
writes. Both Republicans –
Justice Sharon Kennedy and Justice Judith French
– were elected to the Ohio Supreme Court, according
Dispatch reporter

Randy Ludlow
. And
Republicans also increased their majority in the Ohio House, picking up 5 seats,
Siegel reports.


GOP takes over the Senate: Jack Torry and Jessica Wehrman from our Washington bureau
report that the GOP was able to take back the U.S. Senate
last night. See who the winners were for the evening.


GOP picks up more House seats: With Republicans picking up at least 9 more seats in the House last night,
Enquirer Washington bureau correspondent

Deidre Shesgreen
looks at
what is means for House Speaker John Boehner
, R-West Chester.



Get all of last night election result here


What we are covering today: No rest for the weary. An Ohio House committee plans to vote on a bill to repeal Common
Core. Siegel will bring you the latest.
Dispatch reporter

Catherine Candisky
will also take a look at how school levies fared across the state.


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