NHL legend Gordie Howe’s health taking turn for worse, son says

NHL legend Gordie Howe is still fighting to recover from a stroke. (USATSI)
NHL legend Gordie Howe is still fighting to recover from a stroke. (USATSI)

NHL legend Gordie Howe has been fighting to regain his strength after suffering what was described as a “significant stroke” late last month. Though the Detroit Red Wings great had been showing signs of improvement as recently as two weeks ago, things have changed, and not for the better says his son Mark Howe.

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“His health has taken a turn for the worse this past week to 10 days and we are doing what we can to help his situation the best that we can,” Mark told The Canadian Press. “But he is not doing well at all is the bottom line.”

Mark Howe also told The Hockey News that this father’s health was “definitely headed in the wrong direction” as other health concerns worsened by the stroke have begun to complicate his recovery. Severe back pain that has plagued the NHL legend has caused a spike in his blood pressure, which has increased Howe’s challenges in recovery.

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“As a family, if we’re not going to be able to reduce his pain,” Mark Howe said, “the outcome is not going to be good.

“We’re definitely at a Catch-22 area right now and when you put it all together, it’s not the rosy picture we had two weeks ago, without a doubt.”

Gordie Howe has been the recipient of an outpouring of support from the hockey community. His family, despite dealing with such an unfortunate situation, has taken plenty of time to keep the public informed. It just goes to show how much Howe means to the game and to so many people.

Mark Howe, a longtime NHL defenseman and Hockey Hall of Famer himself, maintained that his Hall of Fame father still has some fight left in him, according to The Hockey News. You wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. Hockey.