New York Jets’ Lack Of Faith In Geno Smith Is Disturbing


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Geno Smith shouldn’t be treated this way when one thinks about it. It’s not his fault that the New York Jets are so dysfunctional that they have absolutely no idea how to work with him and get him to improve. Stop thinking about all his turnovers on the field and think about what is going through his mind at the moment.

Smith was thrown to the wolves literally just a few short months after being drafted into the organization. The Jets had no other choice and put the weight of the franchise on his arm and unfortunately, he hasn’t delivered yet. It’s not entirely his fault though as he hasn’t truly had the support needed to succeed. The culture on the Jets and developing future franchise quarterbacks is flat out laughable.

The best quarterbacks always take time to develop. From Tom Brady to even Aaron Rodgers, they all started on the bench and worked their way up. Smith hasn’t had the luxury to even breathe lately because so many people are calling for his complete departure like there is no tomorrow.

It’s disturbing to see that the Jets have zero faith in his abilities. Case in point, their recent loss to the Miami Dolphins proved they have no plans to let Smith be in a positive environment and let him end the season on a high note. They allowed him to pass very little and the offense was flat out conservative. There was hardly any way to have him try and find some kind of positives to end this terrible season.

The Jets’ passing attack was so bad, Smith committed yet another interception because one can only imagine what he’s going through mentally. To say he’s stressed out and nervous is an understatement because nobody is giving him a chance to at least play to his strengths. Instead, he’s playing on an offense that doesn’t trust him enough to just play the way he sees fit. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place and can only do what he’s specifically told to do.

Overall, Smith needs to be given a clean slate for 2015 and be given a chance to work his way up. While he’s nowhere near playing at a starting quarterback level, he needs a year or two on the bench to effectively restart his career because the Jets have no idea what to do with him in the future.

It’s sad because if he was in a better system with better talent around him, he could actually be somewhat decent if he just had mental support around him from the organization.

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