Man police called ‘one man crime wave’ convicted in one case

A man who was called a “one man crime wave” last winter by Anne Arundel Police Chief Kevin Davis has been convicted in a lone robbery case.

A county jury last week convicted Edmond Riggs, 35, of the attempted robbery of a citizen on Nov. 9, 2013, outside a rehabilitation clinic on Hospital Drive in Glen Burnie.

But the jury found Riggs, of Upper Marlboro, not guilty of an armed robbery at a Glen Burnie Pizza Boli’s on Nov. 10, 2013.

The State’s Attorney’s Office did not pursue cases in three other commercial armed robberies Riggs was charged with in Glen Burnie and Millersville due to a lack of positive eyewitness identifications, a spokeswoman said. 

Shortly after his arrest on 35 charges last winter, Davis touted his officers’ police work and said Riggs “was a one man crime wave in Anne Arundel County, who fortunately is now off the streets.” 

The State’s Attorney’s Office also believed Riggs committed all five robberies or attempted robberies, despite a lack of eyewitness identifications in the latter three, the spokeswoman said. The suspect in the final three robberies wore a mask.

On the witness stand last week Riggs denied his involvement. The jury reached a verdict in less than three hours, convicting him of the attempted robbery on Hospital Drive but finding him not guilty of the Pizza Boli’s robbery.

A sentencing date for the attempted robbery conviction has not yet been set.

Riggs already is serving an 18-month sentence for an unrelated assault, according to court records.