Kansas City Symphony to perform National Anthem before World Series Game 6

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Tuesday night the Kansas City Royals will continue their moment in the spotlight on the biggest stage of their baseball careers in the World Series. Members of the Kansas City Symphony will join them as performers of the National Anthem before Game 6.

Perhaps many don’t think symphony and baseball seem like a natural pairing, but the musicians are thrilled to get the chance to perform our National Anthem to open for perhaps the biggest Royals game in decades.

Noah Geller, the concertmaster for the Kansas City Symphony, is a life-long baseball fan. He said he always wished for the chance to play the National Anthem for a World Series game, but never really dreamed it would happen.

Geller says he’s confident the symphony will provide a beautiful, tasteful National Anthem fans can be proud of.

“I’m a huge baseball fan, and it’s been so exciting watching the Royals do this, and I’m super stoked to watch them win tomorrow,” Geller said.

Brian Rood has played the trumpet professionally for 20 years and says Tuesday’s experience will likely be in his top five major moments in his career. He says he’s not nervous, just excited.

“You might have to pinch me now when it really sinks in that we’re gonna be there for the World Series when we’re there performing. I think it’ll be right at the top, one of my top 5 moments,” Rood said.

If you’re like us, you may be wondering how this will work. Will they all need chairs? According to Geller, only the cellists will likely need chairs, everyone else will stand. Geller says the decision hasn’t been made yet if they’ll wear Royals gear or formal attire.

And get this, these folks are such professionals they don’t have to rehearse, and they’re all getting the sheet music some time Monday night for a quick refresher.

With a Royals win, the World Series would come down to a decisive Game 7. Major League Baseball says Prairie Village native Joyce DiDonato would sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” on Wednesday night. DiDonato is a Grammy Award winning opera singer. Fans launched a social media blitz to bring the singer home for the World Series to perform, and it looks like it paid off.