Education rally held on New Haven green

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Hundreds of students and parents demonstrated on the New Haven green with the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now asking for a change with the public school system.

Jennifer Alexander, CEO of the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now, said, “hundreds of  to teachers are on the green in New Haven asking for a change in the public school system. Right now there are over 40,000 children who are stuck in chronically failing schools where almost no child is learning to read or write or do math at the grade level. Most of those children are children of color and children in poverty and we think that it is a disparity that is unacceptable and unfair and needs to be fixed immediately.”

Education rally in New Haven. (WTNH/ Noelle Gardner)
Education rally in New Haven. (WTNH/ Noelle Gardner)

Carl Hardrick has four grandchildren who attend public schools and said a change needs to be made. “I don’t want to see my grand kids go to jail, I want to see them go to Yale and they have to be better educated so they can get there and stay there.”

Alexander added, “this is about making sure teachers get what they need and students have what they need and families have the opportunity to seek out the best possible education for their children.”

Advocates are calling on state leaders to make those changes to public schools. Alexander told News 8, “we are hoping to begin a statewide conversation about what can be done to fix this problem.”