Coolest NCAA Logo Tournament National Championship: 1. VMI vs. 16. NC State

So this is it. This is what all of the hard work– the hours of not studying for Geometry, blowing off your kid’s soccer games, and staying home from work to vote in this contest–comes down to. It’s time to crown a national champion, and to figure out once and for all which NCAA Division 1 school has the coolest logo.

We’d like to thank fans from across the country for participating in this poll, and for making this tournament more wildly successful than any of us at WTNH-TV in Connecticut could have imagined. It’s been a real blast; and though it hurts to say goodbye, just know that you’ve left us with many memories along the way. Sorry…I told myself I wasn’t going to cry.

It’s heavy stuff right here, and I feel like Jim Nantz right now, but let’s get to it.

351 schools, 32 conferences, and 63 matchups all come down to this.

Who’s got the coolest logo in the country?

The national championship round will end at midnight ET, November 7. 

vmi-1#1 VMI Keydets

VMI has proven to be a true champion in this tournament, entering the field with the expectation that anything less than a national title would be a disappointment, and powering past Texas, George Washington, Utah Valley, New Mexico State, and Washington State to get there. Now, there’s just one more challenge left for the Keydets. After outlasting the ridiculously rabid Wazzu fanbase, 186,231- 178,072 in the national semifinals, VMI will face southern brother NC State in the final. But to be honest, it’d be hard to see anyone in the country knocking the Keydets off now.

NC State might have to fill up its football stadium, put up billboards and fly planes with messages over Raleigh if it wants to have any chance at toppling VMI for the title.


NC-State#16 NC State Wolfpack

Measuring purely on coolness of logo alone, the ‘Pack belong in the national championship round. The wolf in the red hat and sweater is absolutely oustanding, and it’s stood the test of time, as a version of the logo has served as NC State’s official mark since the 1970′s. This author believes it is a better logo than VMI’s “spider” design. But that, of course, doesn’t matter now.

NC State defeated IPFW to get to the national championship round, but it only took 27,928 votes to get it done…and that’s not going to be good enough against VMI. The Keydets have risen to every challenge they’ve met, and they might be able to out-vote the entire nation of China at this point.

If the Wolfpack win the logo national championship, it will be a bigger upset than the time they knocked off Houston to win the 1983 men’s basketball title. “They won it….on the dunk!”

Wake up Jimmy V, ‘Pack fans.

So, which school will win the national title? You decide. 

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