CNN’s Granderson: Black on Black & White on White Crime "A Reflection Of …


Posted on December 3, 2014

CNN’s Granderson: Black on Black White on White Crime “A Reflection Of Segregation In Our Country”

L.Z. GRANDERSON, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: If I could just quickly add, you know, there’s this conversation of black on black crime and if you look at the FBI statistics, what you also find is that 80 percent of white people who suffer crimes suffer from white people. So there’s not black on black crime like this unique sort of, you know, unicorn. The fact of the matter is, crime happens where people are congregated. And so whether it’s black on black, white on white, it’s a reflection of segregation in our country and not just something unique with black people.


CAROL COSTELLO, CNN: That’s right, crime happens where people live.

WRIGHT: Yes. Yes.


COSTELLO: And it’s true, more than 80 percent of murders among white people are committed by white people.

WRIGHT: Well, but white people don’t have — well, white people aren’t having their neighborhoods destroyed all over the country. Look at Detroit. Look at D.C. You can — you can go everywhere. It’s not — white people don’t have their neighborhoods vandalized. I mean it’s just not true. We can agree but disagree.

COSTELLO: Well, some do but certainly not as many. OK, Crystal Wright —

GRANDERSON: Actually, white people do actually have their neighborhoods vandalized.

COSTELLO: I’ve got to go. They do, some of them.

WRIGHT: Thanks, Carol.

COSTELLO: Crystal Wright, L.Z. Granderson, thanks to both of you. I’ll be right back.

Posted By Ian Schwartz