Boston: Damp, Dismal Weather Forecast for Most Days Into Weekend

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Sunny days will be hard to come by in Boston, with overcast skies and on-and-off showers expected through the weekend.

Thursday may be the only day through the weekend where sunglasses are needed.

For people attending the Boston Common Tree Lighting Ceremony Thursday evening, the weather is forecast to be dry with temperatures falling into the upper 30s.

Chilly air is forecast to return to the region on Thursday and Friday with the potential for another wintry mix event by the weekend over some interior locations of the Northeast.

The Boston area will fluctuate between two distinctly different air masses throughout this week into the next. This will cause temperatures to shift from day to day, with high temperatures ranging from the lower 40s to near 50 degrees.

Spotty rain showers will be around this weekend, so those planning on being out and about can utilize MinuteCastâ„¢ for Boston.

Even though meteorological winter has begun, several days will feel more like mid-November, rather than early December.

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This story by Meteorologist Becky Elliott